Freight Forwarder

Freight Forwarder Service

We put at your fingertips our agents from the 5 continents all around the world. Giving a fortunate continuation to your shipments from the point of origin to the point of arrival in the customs’s destination.

We count with the IATA’s license as cargo agents. Procedure and documentation of the DUA and other permits. Reshipments, manage, reservation, and shipping of merchandise. Packaging of merchandise. Charter flights cut of air waybills to any part of the world through any airline. Qualified staff according to IATA regulations in packaging and dangerous merchandise manage. Shipment security.

Why Carga Aérea Ferman?

The excellence has been maintained over time, that’s why we are a group who has been maintained over 40 years on the market. For you, who always goes forward, we offer a range of agile and human services. Because in order to get higher and further, you count with all of our experience.