40 years offering the best to our clients.

Giving the client the personalized service that it deserves since 1981.

40 years of history

Carga Aérea Ferman was founded in may of 1981.

More than 40 years our founder Mr. José Manuel Quesada Herrera, had the dream of starting his own business, after the closing of operations of the airline he worked for, he decided to invest his money in the creation of a freight forwarder agency, and that’s how Carga Aérea Ferman S.A was born. With lots of effort and work of excellence it achieved to gather an outstanding group of experts in the freight forwarder area and thanks to that after 40 years we still offer a service with excellence and special treatment.

Carga Aérea Ferman

In constant growth

For you, who always goes forward, we offer a range of agile and human services. Because in order to get higher and further, you count with all of our experience.


The beginnings

The excellence has been maintained over time, that’s why we are a group who has been maintained over 40 years on the market.


Four decades

In Carga Aérea Ferman we keep growing every day hand in hand with our clients.



Mr.José Manuel today is still the motive of inspiration to give the best service to our clients.